A five-year-old girl became a model thanks to her incredible hair

Probably, few of the fair gender will refuse to shoot for the Vogue edition, we argue in the editorial office Lemurov.net . And all the more understandable is their envy in the comments with pictures of Mia Efleilo, because she was awarded this honor at just 5 years old! Or, on the contrary, a prestigious magazine should be showered with gratitude for having the grace to show this beauty to the world. And then there are a lot of competitors!

Mia lives in Tel Aviv, will soon go to school and loves sweets. Almost nothing else is known about the girl, since parents prudently keep their personal life a secret. She will still have time to use her fame — the girl’s Instagram has only a dozen photos, but already almost 50,000 subscribers!

The girl was actually “discovered” not by Vogue magazine, but by the Israeli hairdresser Sagi Dahari, who helped turn Mia’s luxurious hair into full-fledged hairstyles. Sagi notes that the girl is fully aware of the value of her hair, but is not narcissistic about them. After all, she is still a child, however, very patient and obedient, and therefore it was easy and interesting to build complex structures out of hair.

In addition to gorgeous hair, charming smile and childlike spontaneity, Mia also has green eyes! Which provides the girl with excellent starting conditions for working as a model, and therefore it is no wonder that Vogue is so interested in her. Alas, there was more bile, envy and even outright anger in the comments to the publication, many were quick to accuse Mia’s parents of exploiting the child, destroying her childhood, indulging in fashion, etc. To be fair, there were rave reviews, and even jokes in the spirit of the fact that a 5-year-old child has more hair than some adults on the whole body.

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